In The Beginning... 

Somewhere around 1984 my interest in Sound Reinforcement was sparked. I found myself on the road working the week long entertainment circuit in WA, OR, ID, and Canada. Through this I've had the pleasure of working with superior talent and contributing to the entertainment of thousands. It's always been an honor, and a privilege to be one of the very few who provide Pro-Audio Sound Reinforcement for live performances.

   History lays claim to doing it right. Gigs were edgy and over the top whenever possible. Full-on productions and in your face. The explosive bass drum punched people in the gut, drink glasses rattled, vocals were expansive, the snare hammered , guitars powered through, and the bass held it down. Hell-fire raw bone shaking excitement. Best of all the audience loved it and REMEMBERED.

 I continue to adhere to those same winning principals today because it is rock solid and proven. Common sense; Don't fix what isn't broken.


- tips for success -

  • You perform for the audience.
  • Respect your audience.
  • Interact with your audience. (Yet don't overdo it). 
  • The size of the audience does not denote your effort.
  • A full-scale sound system ensures the best audience experience.
  • DIY off-stage sound divides attention between performing and judging the mix which leads to mediocrity.
  • Have lights!
  • Create a list with names of servers, where you are, then thank those people.
  • Print extra set lists, let audience see your selections. (Give a couple to the crew).
  • Ask for business, market yourself. 
  • Your presentation defines you and will make or break you.
  • Dress the part - Do not look like a slob. You cannot go wrong looking good.
  • Stand straight and tall. Weight on ball of foot. (Why heels help).
  • Every aspect of your presentation matters.
  • Live performance is hard work, be ready and willing to work.
  • Live shows are theater.
  • Perception is Reality.
  • Garbage in garbage out - sugar in sugar out.
  • Quiet controlled stage sound means better sound out front.
  • Volume changes how we all hear, the mix, amp settings. Observe Fletcher-Munson curves.
  • Express a sense of humor.
  • SMILE.
  • Respect the soundman (The crew).